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Become a Finance ERC Referal Partner. You Get Paid Today. Client get paid today. We get paid when the ERC check arrives from the IRS which can take up to 12+ months. For Accountants, CPAs, Attorneys, Business Brokers, and all ERC Providers looking to secure faster Employee Retention Credit ERC/ERTC refunds for their clients, we can help. We provide immediate capital to your clients against their ERC refunds, giving them working capital today.

Finance ERC Partners With

ERC Providers & ERC Specialists

Are you offering assistance to companies in completing their Employee Retention Credit applications? Finance ERC can provide upfront payment to your clients for their Employee Retention Credit. Enabling your customers to cover your fees from the credit proceeds is a possibility, allowing you to finalize more transactions.

Accounting Firms, CPAs & Payroll Companies

Do you support your customers in the process of applying for the Employee Retention Credit? Finance ERC has the ability to offer your clients an advance payment based on their Employee Retention Credit. Additionally, we present the choice of deducting your fees from the credit proceeds, ensuring your clients don’t have to bear any upfront expenses.

Business Finance Brokers

Are you seeking financing solutions for your clients or managing debts for small businesses? Are your clients in the process of applying for the Employee Retention Credit or awaiting their reimbursement from the IRS? They could potentially be eligible for Employee Retention Credit (ERC) funding. Let Finance ERC expedite your clients’ payments today, eliminating the need to wait for months for the check to be issued.

Collection Agencies

Are you in the process of collecting from a small business debtor who might be eligible for an Employee Retention Credit or is anticipating their ERC payment from the IRS? Finance ERC could potentially offer advanced ERC funds to promptly settle their debt.

Referral Partner Benefits

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Quicker refunds for your clients’ Employee Retention Credit also translate to faster payments for you. We offer immediate capital to your clients based on their ERC refunds, granting them working capital right away


We handle the substantial tasks, starting from the application process and extending to finalizing and funding, allowing you to concentrate on excelling at your core strengths – expanding your practice and aiding more clients


We present a favorable referral arrangement and the choice to deduct your fee from the proceeds we’ll furnish to your customer. This option empowers you to finalize more business transactions.

Less risk

You can avoid extending credit or assuming credit risk from your customers. They can settle your ERC filing fee over time or avoid waiting for their IRS check.

Convenient Timing

We have the capability to acquire ERC credits from your clients, whether it’s at the time of their filing or for previously filed ERC credits where the check hasn’t been received yet.


You offer instant value to your client by assisting them in swiftly obtaining the necessary working capital.